Below is the recording of both Northridge Friends Church morning worship service where Dr. Tony Wheeler spoke and The Choice for Parents’ Workshop.   Dr. Tony did a great job challenging us with the material that he presented and encouraged us to implement at least ONE thing we evaluated to be different over the next month. 


I already received many positive comments including:

-“Thank you for providing this, I gained so much.”

-“That was good, every couple should take the time to watch it!”

-“That was good and worth my time.”


If you do take the time to watch this, would you please let me know what you think? 


*Northridge Friends Church Morning Worship Service YouTube link:

(Pastor Manny introduces Dr. Wheeler around the 32 minute mark).

*The Choice for Parents Workshop Zoom Link to share your recording with viewers:
Tony Wheeler The Choice for Parents Workshop

Passcode: 5+5AN3T#


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