These are short videos (each under five minutes), showing how to accomplish the most common tasks in WordPress.

To view a video in full-screen, click this icon at the bottom of its frame:

If you need more in-depth training than these videos supply, there’s a great collection of teaching videos here.


Introduction to the back end/dashboard


How to find the page or post you want to edit

Other videos will show more detail on the editing process; this one is mostly how to find what you’re looking for.


Should my entry be a post or a page?

Does it belong in General News, Youth News, or Children’s Ministry News? It’s a post.

Anything else is a page: either an edit of an existing page, or a new page you’ll need to create.


How to copy and paste text from a document, create subheads, a bulleted list…

…and — oops! I ran out of time! Part 1 of using the editing buttons.(See Part 2 below.)


Part 2 of using the editing buttons

Create links to web pages and emails.


Why isn’t my change showing up?

If you’ve made a change and it’s not showing up on the website, that’s probably due to one or more of the following reasons:

1. If it’s a post, did you select one or more categories? Many of the pages on this website use categories to determine where items are displayed.

2. Did you click the Publish or Update button once you were done making changes?

Where's the update or publish button?

3. Did you click the “Refresh” button on your browser?


How to create an email link


Uploading multiple files at one time.


How to create a gallery of images in one post

Sorry; I don’t have a video created for this one, but it’s just a matter of knowing where to make one little click in the image upload process. There’s a really clear explanation here.


How to create text that links to a document or media file

Use this same method for making links to both documents (such as a pdf or doc) and audio files or podcasts.



Understanding user roles

Here’s a chart outlining most of the common tasks involved in creating and maintaining a site, and showing which types of users are able to do what.



Links to Event Espresso help

Help forums – Search questions and answers submitted by other users, or add your own.

Documentation – The “How-to” documents that cover set-up, trouble-shooting, etc.

Also, here are a couple videos from another developer, walking through the process of creating an event in EE:

Part 1: (Ignore the instruction at the beginning to watch the previous video. Also, you may skip 5:50 – 7:30, in which he heads down a pointless rabbit trail that explains nothing.)

Part 2: (Including how to get the short code that will embed your event registration form in your event post.)


How to log out



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